Adrenal Fatigue Formula
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Adrenal Fatigue Formula

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Schisandra - Helps suppress kidney spasm which in turn reduces adrenal gland stress. Ashwaganda - helps balance the production of DHEA and Cortisol. Ginseng- Enhances the body’s ability to react and adapt, which helps protect the adrenal glands from overreacting to stress. Rosehips - lower inflammation, soothing adrenal glands that have become enlarged from overexertion. Astragalus - Strengthens the whole endocrine system. Lemon Balm -Replenishes the nervous system and helps regulate the production of insulin. Liquorice Root - helps balance the body’s levels of cortisone. Butchers Broom - Known to boost the adrenal gland.


Schisandra, Ashwaganda, Ginseng, Rosehips, Lemon Balm, Astragalus

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