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ASHWAGANDA one of the premier restorative herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Mood stabiliser and supports optimal overall wellbeing, reduces the effects of stress and improves life-force. SCHIZANDRA- tonic, restorative adaptogens, supports immune function whilst relieving anxiety. Increases energy and improves mental clarity, boosting your brain. GINSENG - Promotes a sense of well being and endurance - anti depressant, and calming. GINKGO - Improves energy flow at a cellular level. HOLY THISTLE - A tonic used by monks for its recuperative and rejuvenating properties. HE SHOU WU - is a restorative herb that calms the nervous system, promotes good memory, and alleviates insomnia - powerful immune booster. ASTRALGUS - Immune Booster. STINGING NETTLE - Energy booster, stress reduction and improves the absorption of iron within the bloodstream.


Ashwaganda, Schizandra, Ginseng, Ginkgo, Holy Thistle, He Shou Wu (FO TI)

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