Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture 50ml
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Cordyceps Tincture 50ml

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Cordyceps is a very potent and very good medicinal with a wide range of actions.  It is a strong immunomodulator and immunoadaptogen, mitochondrial adaptogen (increases oxygen utilization in the mitochondria, stimulates ATP production by the mitrochondria, protects mitochondria from adverse effects), anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, neurprotective, antitumour, antimetastatic, hepatoprotective (autoimmune protection, reduces fibrosis, reduces and inhibits cirrhosis, anti-hepatitis B), renoprotective (protects from toxicity, inhibits renal failure, reverses glomerulonephritis), cardiotonic (hypotensive, strengthens heartbeat, antiarrhythmic, improves myocardial ishcemia), nerve sedative, sleep regulator, antipyretic, adrenogenic, steroidogenic, hypolipidemic, hypoglucemic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, insecticidal.  It is highly protective of bone marrow, reversing myelosuppression from a variety of causes (microbial to radiation). 

Cordyceps is a rather potent imunoadaptogen.  If immune activity is high, it reduces it, if low, it enhances it.  It has the ability to stimulate the immune system in just the right way, but also to lower the cytokine storm that is created by the bacteria. 

It is specific for fatigue and weakness, especially after long illness or in chronic infections, poor mitochondrial function, chronic wasting, unproductive cough from no known cause, general inflammation in the brain or joints, mental fog and confusion, low libido, lung infections, kidney infections, thick mucous in the lungs that will not move, immune dysregulation, dizziness, tinnitus, nocturia and cancer.  It is especially effective for Mycoplasma infections.

is highly protective of sphingomyelin, the mitochondria, the lungs, brain and kidneys.  It inhibits hydrogen peroxide oxidation and activity against cells and actively protects mitochondria.  It acts as an intracellular antioxidant, and is a strong hydroxyl radical scavenger.  It suppresses the expression of diabetes-regulating genes.  

It is an important herb for treating Babesia, Erlichia, Anaplasma, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Borrelia, Chlamydia and Rickettsia.

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