Pregnancy and Nutrients

If an expectant mother is deficient in nutrients there can be huge consequences such as premature birth, low birth weight in the infant, miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome, neural tube defects, cleft palate, cognitive issues, low IQ, pre-eclampsia, neural tube defects, flat feet, and under or overbite in the mouth.

Vitamin A deficiency 

Vitamin A is essential for vision.  A deficiency can cause problems with the formation of the eyes, it tells the cells what to develop into - spinal cord, ears and many types of tissues.  A deficiency can cause a premature birth, low birth weight baby and miscarriage.

The best source is cod liver oil, salmon and eggs.

Vitamin D

A deficiency can cause rickets which gives you weak bones and loss of connective tissue.  Sun, dairy, fish and cod liver oil are excellent sources.


A trace mineral that can cause sway back in the lower back, which is an excess curvature in the back.  Seafood and kelp assists with this deficiency.


A deficiency causes anemia, miscarriage, low birth weight and premature births.  Red meat, egg, seafood and grass-fed liver assist with increasing your iron levels naturally.


A deficiency can lead to having a smaller child, cognitive issues, lower IQ, and miscarriage.  Sea kelp is an excellent source of iodine.

Magnesium and Selenium deficiency causes low birth weight, miscarriage and pre-eclampsia, symptoms of which are high blood pressure and the mother's organs may become toxic.  Leafy greens provide magnesium; seeds and brazil nuts are very high in selenium.  Trace minerals are involved in enzymes and they help the formation of proteins, and proteins make up all organs.

Vitamin B1

A lack of vitamin B1 can cause sudden infant death syndrome/SIDS/cot deaths.  Vitamin B1 is involved in the autonomic nervous system development which go to the respiratory centers in the brain stem and that's where you have the breathing centre.  Sleep apnea, SIDS, baby toxemia and high blood pressure, liver problems, kidney issues and increased risk in the fatality of the both the mother and fetus.  Pork, nutritional yeast, asparagus, organ meats have high quantities of Vitamin B1.

 Vitamin C

Assists collagen production, and a lack of vitamin C can cause pre-eclampsia where the placenta detaches too quickly and water breaks, the birthing process starts too early when the baby isn't fully formed.

Bell peppers, leafy greens, and sauerkraut are all high in natural Vitamin C.


A type of B vitamin, and a deficency causes neural tube defects.  The spinal column and cord don't develop properly so the child will have a bulge in the back where the spinal column sticks out of the spine.  A cleft palate is also a deficiency in Folate.  The top of the palate does not form properly and goes into the nose.  Surgery needs to be done to separate them.  A cleft palate can also be caused by pesticide exposure or a vitamin A deficiency.  Leafy greens are full of folate.


A trace mineral that develops the skeletal structure.  A lack of manganese can cause flat feet, malformation of bone in the maxillary bone i.e. under or over bite and the child many need braces.

Sixty five per cent of the population are either prediabetic or insulin resistant.  Consuming refined foods, junk food, sugar and refined grains depletes nutrients in the body.

Gastric bypass causes malabsorption in the small intestine.

Prepare your body for a happy, easy pregnancy and a healthy baby.