Air Hunger 30 capsules
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Air Hunger 30 capsules

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Air hunger is one of the main symptoms you get when you have Lyme disease. You struggle to breathe and feel as if there isn't enough oxygen in the air. When you check your oxygen levels, they are normal. How incredibly frustrating!

We have found that a combination of Polyganum cuspidatum, Cordyceps and Astragalus have been incredible at lifting this symptom.

We have handcrafted this combination into capsule form for your ease of use.

30 capsules that should last a month or two. Always starting gently on your highly sensitive body, with even half or a quarter of a capsule in organic pomegranate juice, three times a week, avoiding a herx, and increasing slowly every seven to fourteen days, as your body can tolerate it. Low, slow and gently will get you there.

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