Bartonella Core Protocol
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Bartonella Core Protocol

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The core protocol consists of three herbal/supplement regimens:

1.  cytokine disruption

2.  organ protection, and

3.  immune enhancement and support

a distant fourth is an antibacterial assault.

Pomegranate juice is highly recommended to mix with the herbal tinctures.

The cytokine cascade intervention is provided by the tincture and capsules, N-acetyl cysteine and vitamin E.  Organ protection for the red blood cells, heart, liver, lymph system and spleen and endothelial cells are also protected.  N-acetylcysteine and Bidens pilosa are potently antibacterial, broadly systemic, and specific for killing organisms that infect ed blood cells as well as protecting red blood cells from infection.   Rhodiola and Ashwagandha are immune-modulating, adaptogenic, and cytokine-reducing, and increase CD4+ cell counts.

The anti-bacterial regimen helps with inflammation and all have a broad range of antibacterial actions.  

L-Arganine is specifically protective of endothelial cells and function.  It also interfers with bartonella colonization of endothelial cells.

 A Stephen Buhner protocol.


Polygonum cuspidatum, Cordyceps, Poke Root, Milk thistle seed, Hawthorn and Rhodiola, Houttuynia, Scuttelaria baicalensis and Salvia miltiorrhiza in a 50ml tincture.

EGCG (with quercertin) and Ashwaganda capsules.

Vitamin E.

N Acetylcysteine (NAC).







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