Cartilage & Bone Disorders Capsules
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Cartilage Assist

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ASTRAGALUS - A natural antibiotic for the whole body, working into the bone structure. Strengthens the immune system and the whole endocrine system. FEVER FEW - Helps keep blood vessel expansion balanced and reduces inflammation in the muscles and joints. GINSENG strengthens the entire body to help eliminate diseased cells. RED CLOVER purifies the blood stream helping eliminate diseased cells . HOPS - with its rich silicon content helps bone health, SKULL CAP, soothes the central nervous system helping the body to relax allowing faster healing. SCELETIUM - helps draw out diseased cells from bones. ARTEMISIA VULGARIS - helps to eliminate viruses and bacterial deep within the bone structure. OLIVE LEAF boosts the immune system. YARROW - a healing herb for bones, joints, and muscles. WHITE WILLOW BARK used to relieve pain in the bones and joints.


Astragalus, Fever Few, Red Clover, Ginseng, Hops, Skull Cap, Sceletium, Artemisia Vulgaris, Olive Leaf, Yarrow and White Willow Bark.

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