Chlamydia Core Protocol
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Chlamydia Core Protocol

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Plant medicines are very good at subtle remodulations of immune function.  They are excellent for reducing the levels of cytokines that cause inflammatory damage in the body while simultaneously upregulating immune-supporting cytokines that the bacteria have inhibited.  Plant medicines are also very effective at protecting the various organ and cellular systems that have been affected, helping them heal any damage that has occurred and stimulating the organs to work more efficiently.  They are also excellent for reducing or eliminating many of the symptoms the infection causes. 

1. This pack consists of antibacterial herbs specific for chlamydia bacteria;

2. herbs that modulate cytokine production to correct the cytokine cascade the bacteria generate;

3.  herbs that protect the organs or cells targeted by the bacteria;

4.  immune-enhancing herbs to support healthy immune function;

5.  herbs for specific symptoms.

The pack consists of a female and a male option and includes Eye Drops.

 A Stephen Buhner protocol.

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