Genetically modified foods, soy and corn feed in cattle and chickens cause estrogen dominance in men.  Estrogenic plastics in the environment and in water bottles leach into the water, birth control and hormone replacement in our water supply, extra fat around the body make the body produce more estrogen.  Alcohol, sugar and eating junk cause insulin resistance.  Prostate enlargement and cancer comes from estrogens.  The enzyme, aromatase converts to estrogen.  Frequent urination at night, liver issues and excess weight add to problems.  High estrogen increases the risk of a stroke, and the likelihood of blood clots.  It can cause an enlarged prostate.  Soy increases estrogen.

Endocrine disruptors such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and herbicides artificially mimic estrogen.

Commercial dairy increases estrogen.

Reduce your overall insulin by following a ketogenic diet, avoiding sugar, dairy, gluten, and practicing intermittent fasting daily.  Lose weight.

Serrapeptase assists the liver with removing scar tissue.  Ideally 250 000 iu per capsule, take 2 on an empty stomach 3 x a day.

Choline, a type of B vitamin, also helps a fatty liver.

Cruciferous veggies are best, ideally 7 cups of vegetables per day.

DIM lowers estrogen, increasing testoterone, and is the equivalent of a concentrated form of cruciferous vegetables in a capsule.

Stinging Nettle Root helps reduce estrogen.  It is excellent for the prostate and balances hormones.

Sauerkraut is excellent for balance hormones.