About Us


Well Now Co is a health and wellness company committed to bringing natural and exceptional quality products to the public to help ensure optimum health for those that use them.                                                                                                                                                 

Elaine who also has had a passion for health from an early age due to her father suffering from colon cancer for over 10 years. From this experience Elaine has tried to live her healthiest life to evade sickness and disease, researching nutrition and health throughout her life.




After discovering a family member, had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, otherwise known as Lyme's Disease, Elaine's passion for health grew and it has become her mission to find the cure for this and other auto-immune diseases.


After seven years of her family member seeing many different doctors, trying many different treatment modalities, losing valuable years of his life to disease and suffering, feeling very isolated and the loneliness that comes with long-term illness, being told by many doctors that you're imagining things, or simply suffering from depression, with extensive daily research, and a lot of experimentation, she found that he responded best to healing through natural means. Although a slow process, most of his symptoms have disappeared after a year.  We believe that encouraging a less toxic environment, using natural products free from toxic chemicals and heavy metals, eating organic foods, and cleaning the body using herbs in order to detox the body can lead to optimum and natural healing, treating the cause of the illness instead of the symptom.


With ever-increasing new-age illnesses, Well Now Co wants to ensure each individual is on their path to live their life with a full capacity of wellness.