What causes headaches or migraines?

90% of all headaches are coming from the gallbladder.  Press under your right ribcage, and the pain goes, the problem will be with your gallbladder.  5% it can be a pinched nerve in the neck.  You can visit a chiropractor to solve this problem.   2% it can be related to sinuses, backed up pressure in the eustastian tubes.  A kale shake can assist, radishes pull mucous out of the body.  2% of the time it can be related to menstrual issues, and ovary support will assist you.  1% of the time it can be from an old injury to the head.  Meningitis can also cause a headache.  Test if you can drop your head forward to your chest, if not then it could be meningitis.

Treating the route cause will resolve the issues permanently.