Ladies and men's sexual health can be affected by many factors.   Toxins in the environment like pesticides on food,  a poor non-nutritive diet, stress, estrogen dominance and excessive sugar intake and cholesterol-lowering drugs.  These factors all contribute to low libido in both men and women.

Tips to improve your libido:

1.  Avoid sugar in all forms, which includes honey, artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

2.  Avoid carbohydrates.

3.  Avoid all grains.

4.  Eat more animal fat and avoid inflammatory oils such as sunflower and canola.

5.  Increase cruciferous vegetable intake.

6.  Eat up to 5 eggs a day.

7.  Avoid caffeinated drinks.

8.  Avoid hormone filled dairy.

9.  Switch off wifi at night.  Remove smart appliances from your bedroom.

5.  Avoid blue light at night to improve sleep.

6.  Walking and lifting weights or high intensity training improves testosterone.

7.  Meditation calms the mind.

8.  Ensure that you are sleeping between 10pm and 3am every night.