Himalayan Crystal Salt 100g
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Himalayan Crystal Salt 100g

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H E A L T H   B E N E F I T S   O F   C R Y S T A L   S A L T

Controlling the body water levels

Promoting stable ph balance in the cells

Encouraging excellent blood sugar health

Reducing the common signs of aging

Promoting cellular hydroelectric energy creation

Promoting the increased absorption capacities of food elements within the intestinal tract

Aiding vascular health

Supporting healthy respiratory function

Lowering the incidence of sinus problems

Increasing bone strength

Naturally promoting healthy sleep patterns

Creating a healthy libido


D O U B L E   D U T Y   K I T C H E N,   B A T H R O O M,   M E D I C I N E   


1.  The only salt to use on all your food.

2.  DIY Rehydration and remineralization of the body.  A grind or two in a glass of water does wonders.

3.  Turf toxic toothpaste and brush teeth with salted water. Kill bad bacteria with a swishing rinse for sparkling clean teeth.

4.  Sore throat?  Gargle with salted water.

5.  Stuffy nose?  Flush nostrils by pouring water in one nostril and it magically comes out of the other.

6.  Need a body/face scrub?  Mix with coconut oil, rub away dead skin cells .... coconut oil and salt are both anti-bacterial.

7.  Add liberally to your food.

8.  Best companion to .... black pepperrrr.

9.  A great ingredient for an enema.  Kills pathogens on contact.

10.  Have a Sitz Bath to clean perineum or relieve genital itching.



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