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Bilharzia (schistosomiasis) is the disease caused by a blood born fluke or trematode.  Adult worms live in a mammalian host and is the second most prevalent tropical disease in Africa after malaria.  Our natural treatment reduces the intensity of schistosomal infection by reduction in worm burden, ova count, granuloma size and number leading to improvement in histopathological picture of liver, spleen and kidney as a result of reducing inflammatory and fibrotic reactions of schistosoma.  It affects both man, domestic and wild animals.    It lives in the mesenteric vessels of man causing abdominal pain and blood diarrhea.  It affects more than 200 million people at present.   The final destination of the worms is the venules of the bladder, rectum or colon.  Eggs produce between 300 to 3 000 per day.  Inflammatory responses to the eggs lodged in the liver, bladder, or ureters rather than the worms themselves can cause the primary symptoms.   Eggs reaching the liver are too large to reach the sinusoidal plexus and accumulate in presinusoidal venules within the portal triads, especially in the left lobe.  There they induce granulomatous inflammation, fibrosis, venous obstruction, portal hypertension and splenomegaly.  Liver enlargement initially tends to correspond in size to the intensity of concurrent or recent infections.  

The main animal reservoirs are cattle, buffalo, pig, dogs and rats.  In the Philippines, animal reservoirs are responsible for 25% of environmental contamination.

Control is done through disrupting the life cycle of schistosomiasis. 

When the body detects an egg, it triggers an inflammatory response.  Instead of killing the eggs, the eggs gain a protein capsule from the inflammatory cells, which in turn regulate its ovulation.  The encapsulated eggs can cause liver damage.  Eggs undetected by the body also harm the body.  The embroyos in the uncapsulated eggs release a toxin that damages the liver.  The liver and spleen can become enlarged.  Eggs can also be deposited in the lungs and then develop pulmonary hypertension.  

Plants are the basis of traditional medicine systems that have been in existence for thousands of years and continue in modern times.

Our Bilharzia capsules contain:-

Allium sativum:  Garlic has been demonstrated to kill parasites, including amoeba, roundworm, pinworm and hookworm.

Pumpkin seeds:  have effects against tapeworms. 

Anise:  recommended as a mild treatment for intestinal parasite infections.

Organic Olive leaf:  Reduces fever, blood sugar, blood pressure and is a diuretic.  An antibacterial, antioxidant and a hypoglycemic, and used for malaria, lymphtic disorders and Schistosomiasis.

Pau d'Arco:  An antiviral useful for Herpes I and II, influenza, poliovirus and vesicular stomatitis virus.  Its anti-parasitic actions against various parasites including malaria, Schistosoma and Trypansoma have been clinically validated.  It is also anti-inflammatory, antimalarial, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic and immunomodulatory.

Echinacea:  Antiviral, immune stimulant, relieves urinary tract infections and yeast related disorders.

Peppermint:  Relieves symptoms of giardia and amoeba infections and eliminates these parasites.

Myrrh:  It is very effective in treatment of Schistosoma haematobium, it disrupts the worms' tegument and collapses tubercles causing eradiation in worm burden.

Citrus reticulata:  Citrus is anti-leukemia, inhibits human cancer cell proliferation, antibacterial, antioxidant activity, antibiotic properties, antimicrobial and antibacterial activities. 

Goldenseal:  berberine is effective in treating gardia infections.

Wormwood:  a stengthening herb that benefits the whole body, while stimulating and invigorating the digestive process.  Helps the body deal with infections helps kill both the egg and adult stages of over 100 parasites including giardia, amoebas, many worms and liver flukes.  Regulates menstruation and reduces fever.

Rhubarb root:  a mild natural laxative which evacuates parasites, protozoa and toxins.  

Sarsaparilla:  Strengthens the bones and muscles.  It treats urinary tract infections, rheumatoid arthritis, boils, abscesses and neutralizes mercury toxicity.

Thyme:  Stimulates the appetite, suppresses coughing and relieves digestive disorders such as chronic gastritis, diarrhea and flatulence, it also expels parasitic worms.

Black walnut hull:  An astringent, laxative and vermifuge, expels tapeworms and other internal and external parasites.

Curcuma longa:  Inhibits cancer at initiation, promotion and progression stages of tumour development.   Prevents gallbladder disease.


Take 3 capsules a day in Month 1, 2 capsules a day in Month 2, and 1 capsule a day in Month 3.

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