Cats Claw 50ml
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Cats Claw 50ml

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Health benefits of cat’s claw include:

Immune System

The most concrete evidence on the effects of cat’s claw relates to its impact on the immune system. The powerful range of alkaloids found in it can help to stimulate the immune response of the body, namely increasing the white blood cell count and stimulating antioxidant action throughout the body. This can help to prevent diseases from spreading, and can also eliminate bacterial infections and any other pathogens that may be attempting to weaken out the system. Isopteropodin is the most important chemical that can directly be attributed to this immune system boost.


Anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most sought after in the herbal medicine world, and cat’s claw also fits that description. This is accomplished by apparent immuno-modulation effects of cat’s claw chemicals and organic components that can prevent the rush of blood and inflammatory substances to certain areas of the body, like the joints and recent wounds. This can help to speed healing and reduce overall pain.

Speed Healing

In traditional uses, cat’s claw was often used to help speed healing of wounds and for people who were ill. Now, given our knowledge of the powerful antioxidant compounds found in cat’s claw, it comes as no surprise that they are able to help prevent infection of wounds and stimulate a rapid recovery from illness, as they fight off any additional invaders to the system.

Anticancer Potential

Dr. Manuel Sandoval Chacón, Dr. JH Thompson, et al, researchers at the LSU Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics and Stanely S Scott Cancer Center, New Orleans, Los Angeles, USA, published a study in which they speak at great length about the anti-inflammatory potential of cat’s claw. Inflammation in any part of the body, particularly the gut, results in enhanced production of oxidants and free radicals, that have predominantly become recognized as vital components of cell and tissue injury. This eventually causes cancer. Cat’s claw is not only an anti-inflammatory agent but also protects cells against oxidative stress, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

Gastrointestinal Issues
One of the most common uses of cat’s claw is for providing intestinal support. It can help to reduce inflammation, thereby reducing pain and preventing accidents from occurring. If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or “leaky” bowels, it might be perfect for you. It helps to cleanse the entire digestive tract, eliminating dangerous bacteria and restoring a healthy micro-environment in your gut so your digestion is efficient and your bowels are regulated.



Adults & Children over 12yrs: Take 10-20 drops, Children under 12 yrs: Take 5-10 drops, Infants: Take 2-5 drops. To be taken 3 times a day.


Ethanolic Extracts of: Uncaria Tomentosa.



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