Near Infra Red Light Therapy Lamp
Near Infra Red Light Therapy Lamp
Near Infra Red Light Therapy Lamp
Near Infra Red Therapy

Near Infra Red Light Therapy Lamp

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There are over 3 000 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing incredible health and anti-aging benefits of red light therapy and near-infra light therapy, proving that they can help you.

*  Fight skin aging, wrinkles, and cellulite and look 10 years younger.

* Lose fat (nearly twice as with diet and exercise alone).

* Rid your body of chronic inflammation.

* Fight the oxidative damage that drives ageing.

* Increase strength, endurance, and muscle mass.

* Decrease pain.

* Combat hair loss.

* Build resistance to stress at the cellular level.

* Speed up wound/injury healing.

* Combat some autoimmune conditions and improve hormonal health.

* Optimize your brain function and mood.

* Overcome fatigue and improve energy levels.

* Increases fertility and testosterone (in males).

Near-infrared and red light therapy helps mitochondria produce more energy, decrease inflammation, and help build the cell defense systems to increase resilience.  

The health of every organ and every cell in the body depends on the energy being produced by the mitochondria in those cells.  Thus, because red/NIR light therapy works to enhance mitochondrial energy production in essentially every type of cell in the body, it can enhance the cellular processes and cellular health of potentially almost every type of cell in the body.


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